I’m writing letters to my future self, from my past self, as a key motivation technique. I’ve considered doing it in voice memos, emails, written notes, or a public blog. I’m doing this because there is an immense weight of motivating moments in my past that I hope to draw on in future. This should be enough to kick me along until the present-day motivates me.

This moment, I’m sitting in my home office in Flemington. It’s late at night, but not absurdly late, as we’ve been sleeping almost at sunrise during this period of COVID. I have a Chai tea in my San Francisco mug, my desktop PC is off, I’m writing on the laptop I rarely use. My little leather notepad is next to me, with about 50 topics listed. They are all topics which I can write about, and which carry meaning to me and my future.

I’ve just written the first entry – about nanna’s last days. It will always be the first and most powerful motivator. I intend to write as many as I can tonight.

This entry will be about motivation in general.

I lose motivation because of 1 main underlying reason: I never know if I’m doing what I should be doing. There are a hundred projects I could be doing, or I could be building a boring-ass portfolio to get a job. Should I really build a game, learning to code, just so I can end up not using the technical skills at all? Should I really go outside the game industry, learning shit, just so I can end up hating what I do?

I think this diary will help remind me that, yes, there might be nothing more perfect for me than working on a VR game. That, yes, there is a gap in the market for a certain type of game. That, yes, I can be a one-man-wonder and make the game and sell it, too. Yes, the intuition I have around what makes a game suitable for the market is reasonable and founded.

So hello, future Shaun!