I’m a teenager. Sitting on a cramped bunk bed, in my dad’s home office, inside a factory, in Seaford. My parents got divorced about 2 years ago. I’m not too affected – I have a Zelda game to design!

I’ve got my green, fake-leather journal, the first journal I’ve ever started. It’s going so well! I get to practice my handwriting, sketch ideas for puzzles and languages, and write bad things about my friends!

My personal computer, a big beige box that I’ve disassembled and re-assembled several times, is at my mum’s house. I’m here for 2 weeks over the holidays.

My website, with its very own TK domain, has huge orange typography in the Matisse font. I’ve moved on from Stargate and Myst – now I have a new project! It’s Open Zelda. It’s a community tool that lets me design a fully playable Zelda game in the style of A Link to the Past. I haven’t played ALTTP… emulators are kinda clunky.

Last week, around Christmas, dad took me down to Myer to pick up Majora’s Mask. I’ve been waiting for this game! Even sketching pictures of the characters from game magazines. There’s a weird sundial in the screenshot. This is so much more exciting than my Harry Potter rip off novel.

I’ve scripted a couple of puzzles, tied together a few game maps. It’s so cool to see the bombs, arrows and doors working.

I’m going to update my website. Its new name is DekuNutz, and I’m going to use MS Paint to modify another Zelda fan site. This game is going to be awesome.