I’m only a few weeks into this internship and it sucks. I really should have thought about how disinterested I am in sport, before applying to intern at a sports marketing agency.

I figure I’d see what’s on in Melbourne. I’m not used to being in the city so often, so I want to get bang for my travel buck. I see an event with 3D painting from Google, at ACMI. My partner Anh is travelling all the way from Flemington to the city, and meets me near Flinders.

We’re getting a bit lost finding the entrance.

Walking in, knowing no-one, the two of us get a can of Coke and take a seat. There are wires and tripods, TV screens and arcade machines. It’s hard to know what’s specifically for the event, and what’s normally in the space.

I stand up to look at what’s going on. The attendant carefully helps the player take off the headset, then he uses a chunky controller to tap all four corners. The TV screen shows a black void with green grid. Someone with a clipboard asks me if I want to have a shot. I write my name down, then sit and watch.

Anh’s not interested. I just keep watching.

I’m thinking about what I’ll draw. I want to win the competition, so I think of something that will get votes. Something thematic. Like, maybe I’ll draw Mr Squiggle. So meta. Maybe I won’t have time. I need broader appeal – an Australian flag.

It’s my turn.

I step into the square, and get the big black plastic box put on my face, and the wire tugged out from under my foot. It’s so much better than I expected it to be. The colours are bright and harsh.

I try to figure out how the tool works. I can only see a colour picker, and there’s no time to experiment or leave this new reality to ask about other paintbrushes. So I just start painting.

In that space, there’s only one interpretation of the flag I could think of: a blue lotus with the southern cross and federal star in the centre. So I paint long, broad leaves emanating from the center of my place space.

There’s a moment that it hits me: this tracking is amazing. Esports of the future are going to be amazing! Virtual reality is amazing!

I finish my beautiful abstract lotus flag. Taking off the headset, I look over to Anh. As I sit down, he says, “What is that? You just paint blue and white and red, its like random and I have no idea what it is.”

I’m an artist, I think to myself.