The tiny complementary pad of paper they handed me at Magnify World hardly seems enough to contain the brilliance of the pitch I’m drafting. I’ve just listened to Ted Schilowitz, a futurist working for Paramount pictures, talk about Virtual and Augmented Reality, how they’re boxes on our faces, but they won’t always be so. I savour any hint of what Apple might be doing. His talk is so inspiring!

I look at the event guide and see a time slot for startup pitches. In my bag I’ve got a few brochures and business cards I’ve picked up at the event. I’m kind of disappointed that there’s a whole exhibition floor and not a single fun thing in sight. Is that the best Australia has in VR/AR?

I’ve also brought my business card and an elegantly spacious pitch deck for my VR esports game concept. The business card is bright yellow, messy writing proclaiming “COMMUNITY VIRTUAL REALITY STREAMING EVENTS ESPORTS” and “Promoting people playing in places”. I had to cover all my bases. My name has a “, BBus (Marketing)” even though I haven’t graduated yet.

But this opportunity – to pitch before Melbourne – has me riled up.

I begin scribbling words like “games” “sports” and imagining how I’ll walk and gesture across the stage to describe the gap between them. Oh, this pitch is going to be so good. I’ve barely even started sweating yet.

I’m watching other panels talking about interactive media… how they have different needs to traditional film and screen. I’m just rolling my eyes in derision. It’s called games, folks, and it’s not a dirty word, and the interactive storylines you’re talking about have been in games for 30 years.

During the break, I walk around. I’m trying to hover close to Ted. I just want to make eye contact. He seems to Get It. But he slips out of the room with some people. So I take a seat at a new table.

There are a couple of middle-aged women opposite. I’m trying to be professional, I’ve introduced myself to a few people so far, and try doing so again.

They bark that they’re in film finance or something. I tell them I’m into VR and esports. They scoff and say something like, they don’t know anything about games, and esports makes no sense.

My fire to pitch rages, then is extinguished. I look around the conference and wonder…

Where are the games?