Over the hill, through a barbed wire fence, there’s a long mound of clay, pine needles and tall trees we call The Bushes. The kids on my street go up there to build forts, steer clear of spitfire caterpillars, and bully each other.

When we’re not down on the street toting rollerblades and Mighty Ducks memes, we like to play our own versions of Star Wars, Power Rangers and Captain Planet up at The Bushes. The other kids fight over who gets to be the red or green ranger. But I’m pretty happy with Zordon, the huge blue holographic face that tells the rangers what to do.

While the other kids run around pew-pewing each other, I sit between two bent trees, and wait. I’m so smart.

At an op-shop, I find a hooded, knitted jacket with rainbow stripes on the sleeves. This is so powerful, so me. When I wear it, I’m granted the power of all the Planeteers, and the wizard in Dungeons and Dragons. I’m pretty sure I can read Ancient Egyptian heiroglyphics with this jacket on.