I started drinking coffee during my first office job. I hated working there – I felt like a fraud – exporting Dreamweaver sites, taking my first steps into PHP and WordPress themes, and designing logos that unknowingly looked like marijuana bongs.

I drank coffee to punish myself with ever-stronger instant coffee, and separate the day with long, laborious breaks at the mini kitchen.

Now, its a morning. Any morning at home. Today I’m going to be a real game developer.

Which mug will I use?

The tall, green, fluer-de-lys cup, which inspired me to pain my room green as a teen? It’s more of a sit-and-read-news cup.

The Superman mug, with its S-shaped handle and sexily sculpted superhero? Good for a Shaun day…

A huge grenade-shaped mug hogs the corner. I was a Team Fortress 2 esports player back then. I didn’t care how difficult it was to hold – just needed lots of caffeine to help me aim the flamethrower!

Will it be the Embark mug, plain white with the black monospaced logo of my failed menswear store? Too painful.

Maybe the Global Game Jam Melbourne 2019 mug. It’s nice and tall, and so gamer-ish. Feels good doing my part for the local game developer community. That’s a maybe.

Ahh… I know which mug I’ll use. I fetch it out of the dishwasher. It’s a beige and red mug, with a silhouetted skyline & Golden Gate Bridge. San Francisco is printed in white over the red band. The font reminds me of a train station sign. After I bought it, I also bought red underwear. I needed new underwear for my trip. I thought to myself, I never wear red, let alone red underwear. But now when I wear these undies, and drink coffee from this mug, I’ll think of America and all the amazing VR people I met there.

Yes, today is a San Francisco day.

My mugs are like roles on my CV: many and varied, and with little stories that no-one ever asks about.