I’m supposed to be doing a game jam, I mean, I’m the one that organised and promoted it.

But instead I’m trying to find a name for my game studio. I want it to look great in a normal font, and feel nostalgic like Nintendo. I want it to mean something. It’s gotta be unique. And I want it to be the umbrella under which I can promote all my VR projects. I want to make it lovable, fan-able. It shouldn’t be too restrictive – maybe I want to make a magical game, maybe I want to make a sci-fi game.

I’d tried VSVR, Thaum, Studio/Stadium, Sporghetti, Nth Place, and more. They were all weird and unsatisfactory. That didn’t stop me registering domain names, though.

There are so many tools online to help me generate and validate names. I’ve got my own methods, too, involving weighted criteria and ratings.

Neo? Like most 90s nerds, The Matrix was my favourite movie, and Neo was my favourite nerd. Neon Genesis was a thing. Neo Tokyo. Such sci-fi. Neo meant new… VR is new. That’s a nice prefix (add it to the list).

Magic. I like magic. I think the “killer app” for spatial computing entertainment will let the player feel like they have magical powers or companions.

Mash them around a bit, see what’s available. Neomajika was available, surprisingly. I tested the word with various fonts, and happy to see that it looked good in almost every font.

Neomajika. New magic.

I quickly registered it everywhere, including as my own trading business name, something I hadn’t done since Nox Digital when I was 18.

Now, I feel like I’m more Neomajika than Shaun Norton. I am what I make – and I make new magic.