Unstung v0.0.2 Released

Unstung v0.0.2
Published to SideQuest on 2020-12-31: https://sidequestvr.com/app/2435/unstung

Developer Notes
Hi everyone !
This is the first update for Unstung, just a week after the initial release. It vastly improves bug spawns and overall balance. Head over to #unstung on Discord to discuss the game.
Looking forward, the next update will be on January 15th. See #roadmap for what's next.

How to Update Your Game
In the SideQuest PC app, search for Unstung, then click Install to Headset at the top-right.
Note: For users who installed version 0.0.1, you will need to manually delete it as SQ won't let you update. This issue won't happen in future.

Major Changes
- New spawning system - enemy waves are more difficult, and may require a special strategy.
- Levels Intro, Rocks and Bridge have been updated with a new lane layout and starting honey.
- New armor/magic resist system - leaf (blocks sting attacks), totem (blocks hex magic). Turrets do sting, Windmills do hex damage. Barracks brutes now have a leaf, and some enemies have leaf/totem.
- All towers have been balanced with varying damage, attack speed, range.
- All enemies have been balanced (speed, damage, honey). The spider is no longer a boss.
- Barracks brutes can now be flagged to a position.

Minor Changes
- All towers, enemies and bees have been increased in size by about 20-50%.
- Honey now floats away from the lane slightly.
- All bees now hover slightly.
- Level icons in the map are slightly higher up.
- Tower roofs are blue again.

Known Issues
- The Cave level has framerate/lag when there are too many enemies.
- The Cave level is the least balanced, compared to others, as it wasn't heavily modified.
- There may be some frames lost at the beginning of a wave, as enemies are prepared to spawn.

Unstung v0.0.1 Released

Unstung v0.0.1

Published to SideQuest on 2020-12-24: https://sidequestvr.com/app/2435/unstung

Release Notes

- First public release of a short, unpolished demo

- It's barely more than a prototype

- 4 levels: Intro, Rocks, Bridge & Cave

- 3 Towers, each with 3 upgrades: Barracks, Turret & Windmill

- 5 basic enemies, with varying health/speed